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Packaging inspection

Inspection of the appearance of sliced processed meat

The SliceCheck system inspects the appearance of sliced meat products using computer vision technology (camera, lighting and image processing software).

This new SliceCheck module guarantees the perfect appearance of a packed product using reliable and accurate computer vision technology developed by Luceo Inspection Worldwide.

Defective products are ejected before packing. The inspection takes place at high speed immediately after slicing in a system that complies fully with all the food hygiene regulations applying to food preparation areas.

Inspection of visual quality

Inspection of the fat layer
Detection of fat particles:
-    Isolated islands of fat (several millimetres)
Detection of marbling
Detection of blood spots and staining (poultry)

Detection of defective slices

Verification of slices:
-    shape
-    dimensions
-    positioning
-    absence of folding
Detection of mechanical breaks:
-    holes
-    material voids
-    tears


The measurement of the fat content

Measurement of the overall fat content of the slice excluding the rind and any fat particles


Application areas

  • Cooked or raw ham
  • Poultry ham
  • Pâté
  • Salami, mortadella, coppa, pancetta, etc.



•    Improved quality: computer vision technology provides a high level of consistency and integrity
•    Cost savings: elimination of manual operations and costly product returns
•    Protection of brand image


•    Inspection:
– Contactless and in-line
– Continuous during production –Constant  over time

Operation 24/7

Total traceability tool: All the production images are archived