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Packaging inspection

Labelling inspection

This compact multi-inspection machine is a reliable and versatile solution against mislabelling.

LabelSecure does not only check for the presence, position and orientation of the label, it also ensures that all the regulatory information (UBD, barcode, datamatrix, weight, price, etc.) is correct, and detects any misalignment of the top film.

Defective products are ejected before packing. The inspection takes place at high speed.

Label inspection

Position and orientation
Variable data readout and print quality checks
- Barcode, datamatrix
- Weight, price, etc.

Misalignment of the top film


Conformity of secondary packaging (no risk of mixing products)
Readout of barcode from below
Ejection of defective products
Secure reject bin
Possible setting-up on an existing conveyor

Application areas

Thermoformed or top sealed trays, flow packs, sachets, vacuum packs, pouches, and products packed in a protective atmosphere

Pack format: Up to 500 x 300 x 100 mm (L x w x h)



•    Improved quality: Computer vision technology provides a high level of consistency and integrity
•    Cost savings: Elimination of manual operations and costly product returns
•    Total traceability tool: All the production images are archived
•    Protection of brand image
•    Complies with retail best practice requirements


•    The best image quality on the market

•    Intelligent Edixia image processing technology – no need to guide the packs exactly

•    Rapid production run changes

•    Compact size

•    A free-standing inspection solution comprising all automatic functions, including detector cells, coder and ejector

•    High-performance software and a friendly user interface common across the entire ThermoSecure range

•    Inspection:

– Contactless and in-line
– Continuous during production
– Constant over time

•     Operation 24/7