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Packaging inspection


Fully automated packaging inspection

ThermoSecure checks 100% of packages with machine vision (camera, lighting and image processing software).

ThermoSecure inspects, identifies, provides traceability and rejects products which display contaminated seals or do not conform to visual appearance specifications.

Seal inspection

Presence of material in the seal
Appearance of the seal (poor seal, crease, bubbles, etc.) subject to conditions


Label inspection

Presence of the top/bottom labels
Position and orientation of the labels
Recognition of the labels
Readout of regulatory information:
  • UBD
  • Bar code
  • Weight and price, etc.
Checking correlation between both top and bottom labels




Pack inspection

Offset top film
Tray separation cut with detection of hang-nails (incompletely cut pack film)
Presence and distribution of the product in the pack


Appearance of the product, subject to conditions
Prevents risk of product mix up at the start of every new batch by matching product to information on label



Application areas

Thermoformed or top-sealed trays, flow packs, sachets, vacuum packs, protective atmosphere packs, blister packs



Meat and meat preparation, cold meats, cheese, fish and seafood, cook-chill dishes, snack products, etc.



•    Improve quality: machine vision enables a top level of consistency and integrity
•    Increase productivity : fully automatic packing
•    Manage global traceability:
                 - Saving of all production data
                 - Counters and production statistics
•    Cut cost: delete costly manual operations and product recalls
•    Protect brand image of the products


•    Contactless inspection of all products
•    Invariable, high standard of inspection time and time again
•    Operates continuously
•    Traceability tool for adjusting previous process
•    User-friendly interface

ThermoSecure range

ThermoSecure L
ThermoSecure T
The stand alone pack inspection machine that fits between packaging and packing
The on-board pack inspection sensor to be built into FFS machines
ThermoSecure L, hygienic design